Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Doom & Destiny Advanced APK

Heartbit Interactive' Doom & Destiny Advanced is a ridiculously fun turn-based RPG in which you control a group of friends fighting an evil person who's thrown them into a Dungeons and Dragons game.

If you've played the original DO&DE then you'll probably be familiar with this one. However this new entry is a bit different in most aspects. It's got the classic JRPG gameplay including random turn-based encounters, dungeons, towns, and gear. But also has 15 charcter classes, new jobs to unlock, new combat skills and leveling system, and tons of chests and secrets to find.

Doom & Destiny Advanced v1.6.2.3 APK also contains special moves as your characters level up. To do that you need rare materials which you can find in the different rooms. The money is unlimited without a mod, as it's lying around everywhere for players to collect.

The game offers a huge world with online PvP and Co-op. Plus more than 150 Special Powers, 200 Monsters, over 500 Locations, 22 Cosplays, and much more

What's New in version
- New Splash Screen !
- Rolling back changes for Immersive Mode to fix cut-screen bug
Big Arena Upgrade !
You can now select the opponent to fight from a choice of 3 : wait 15 minutes to get a new choice or spend a doomstone to refresh the choice instantly.
You can now unlock and equip special perks that change the outcome of the battle: get a resource boost or hinder the opponent's ability to cast spells, hire a friendly v.i.p. or explosive decoys... the choice is up to you!
All the classes now have special features and elemental weaknesses to take into account in battle!

Doom & Destiny Advanced APK

Install the apk file and play the game!

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