Sunday, May 1, 2016

Darkness Reborn MOD APK 1.5.6 (Unlimited Money)

The original Unlimited Mana and God Mode hack for Gamevil's Darkness Reborn version 1.5.6 is here! the game is a polished hack n' slash fantasy RPG that every Android gamer should check out

The story goes as a brave hero is damned to be the Cursed Knight after failing to defeat an evil dragon. Cursed, he now plagues the world and corrupts living creatures spreading darkness, destruction and chaos. Players are tasked with fighting this evil entity and saving the world.

You can choose to play in both single and multiplayer modes, with PvP, co-op, and a mix of both. In Campaign mode, Darkness Reborn modded apk features Unlimited Mana, God Mode, and Massive Damage. Raid, Rift, and Elemental Dungeon only includes the first two cheats aforementioned. PVP, However, only has infinite mana. DRM & Cheat tools detection has been bypassed so the mod works 100%!

Players can choose from 5 character classes in Darkness Reborn including Savage, Warrior, Kunoichi, Mage, and Daemon Hunter. Then they have the ability to customize them, enhancing and evolving at will. Once characters are ready for battle, remember to use the unlimited skills before going against the Devil's army.

Latest version 1.5.6 features some bonus levels for a chance to get EXP, Gold, and Equipment. We also Increased set effect from Imperial Army Set, and added New option to choose parts when purchasing strongboxes! more info can be found on the Play Store at com.gamevil.darknessreborn2

Darkness Reborn 1.5.6 MOD APK - ROOT!

- This latest version requires ROOT and has God Mode, Damage x100, No Skill Cooldown, and No Mana Costs.
- That game have crashes but not from the MOD, the game itself had that problem.
- Google+ login possible? Yes.
- Facebook login possible? Yes.
- Specific Game Account login possible (for example: HIVE)? Yes

How to install:
1. Your device must be rooted.
2. Your device must be full patched. How to? Read:
3. Install original game from playstore or use original game APK when uploaded here. If you have original game already installed, skip 3. & 4..
4. Start original game and login once with Google+.
5. Close game and install unsigned APK over the playstore version (don’t remove the original game).

Read about the included mods in the unlimited money apk above.
If you get a error message while installing Uninstal the PS (Play Store) game first

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