Monday, February 22, 2016

Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK 1.4.3d (Unlimited Money)

This is the unlocked weapons, free upgrades, VIP and money hack for Brothers in Arms® 3 latest update version 1.4.3d which was officially released on May 12th, 2016!

BIA3 Sons of War is a third-person cover-based shooter, developed by Gameloft, set in World War II Nazi Germany. As you play, you'll find yourself most of the time taking cover behind sandbags shooting your way through a bunch of Nazi soldiers in varied locations. It's not a still-shooter though like Kill Shot Bravo because you can move freely and fight soldiers at will!

The game is free to play but is full of inapps. You'll need real money to buy things in order to advance through the different short missions and levels. That's why we made this Brothers in Arms 3 mod apk which offers unlimited stuff like medals, and free shopping which unlocks the premium elements without the need for real currency.

The gameplay is varied as it combines defending, attacking, sneaking, and shooting missions. It's got everything WW2 related including the environments, soldiers, war gear, and intensity. Plus, the highly detailed visuals allow for a truly immersive fighting experience. Now head down to grab Brothers in Arms 3 unlimited money apk and join your brothers on the battlefield!

What's new in latest version 1.4.3d (updated May 12, 2016)
- Minor bug fixes.
- Fight your way through enemy lines using our newest tanks
- Dozens of new tank-related tactics and warfare
- Brand new maps and game modes!
More features and info at Google Play id:


Brothers in Arms 3 1.4.3d MOD APK (Free Weapons, Bundles, Consumables, Free Brother Upgrades, Free VIP) OR NORMAL VERSION + SD DATA

Install APK, Download data files ingame, Copy Data folder to Android/data, and play online.

If you face “Invalid license” error, visit the game on Play Store, click “install”, then quickly cancel the installation to get the game license.


  1. no sirve el juego cuando entro al juego carga y me saca

    1. thanks for your feedback Antonio! I forgot to mention that this latest version may crash on some devices (only some)!

  2. Replies
    1. 1. download game from Play Store
      2. rename obb folder
      3. uninstall game
      4. install mod apk
      5. rename obb back to its name:
      6. run the game!

  3. game crashing again n again .. plz help

    1. please wait for an update or try some other site for some other version!

  4. getting update notification ...hate this shit whenever i run game

  5. Bro i am using mi5 and redmi note3 on both phone it's crashes. Please help, i love this game please help please.

    1. Which version?? I tried 1.4.3d, but didn't work.

    2. i uploaded new mod, did u try it?!
      anyways u can play using the normal (play store) version if it doesnt work

    3. Where is new version? Is it here above??

  6. Replies
    1. please try new version and let me know
      (tested on S5)

    2. What is S5? I am using xiaomi Mi 5

  7. Please Get me a mod apk of bia for my Xiaomi mi5 And for Xiaomi Redmi NOte 3

  8. Bagai mana caranya agar bug map bermain di luar lokasi atau terbang apa ada apk atau triknya

  9. Game is running fine but when I am purchasing anything, it says 'Transaction failed'

  10. this game out and out again..plz help


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