Sunday, March 12, 2017

BlockLauncher Pro 1.17.8 APK (formerly MCPE Launcher)

Block Launcher Pro (aka MCPE Launcher) is an Android app that can patch Minecraft Pocket Edition without reinstallation. It can help you load patches, texture packs, and server IPs directly into Minecraft.

Please note: This app is not compatible with some Samsung devices, and you need root acces on Jelly Bean (but not necessarily). Read more on Google Play!

After you free download and install BlockLauncher Pro v1.17.8 apk you just need to choose "Options" on the main screen, then select mods. It's as easy as that!

Some of the this launcher's features are:
- Patch an unlimited number of PTPatches and ModPE scripts
- Load textures from any Pocket Edition-compatible texture pack
- Patch server IPs

What's New in version 1.17.8
Support for Minecraft PE 1.2.7
Reenable custom entity renderers and recipes
Fix Level.getBiome
Fix crash when creating recipes on Intel devices
Add Item.setAllowOffhand
Fix ModPE.openInputStreamFromTexturePack returning null when importing ModPkg
Document which hooks support preventDefault
Google Play ID:

BlockLauncher Pro 1.17.8

Install the app's apk and have fun!

Older versions:
What's new in v1.12.8
Support for Minecraft PE 0.14.2
Add custom throwables (reskinned snowballs)
Fix crash when removing currently held item in useItem hook
Fix showTipMessage
Add new replace texture intent for other applications to remove all existing texture packs and import a new one
Known issue: custom armours crashes on Intel devices such as Zenfone 2
BlockLauncher Pro 1.12.8

What's new in v1.11.2
Support for Minecraft PE 0.13.1
Support for Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)
Support for fullscreen: Settings -> Fullscreen mode
Experimental support for Intel Atom devices such as Zenfone 2 and Hudl2 (Redstone API and addons aren't working yet)
Add projectileHitBlockHook, projectileHitEntityHook (for snowballs, eggs, and exp bottles for now)
Fix crash when addCreativeItem called before setCategory
BlockLauncher Pro 1.11.2

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