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26 Best VR Games for Google Cardboard 2016 - Android APK Download

I've recently compiled a list of the best Virtual Reality Android games to play on your Google Cardboard and Fibrum in 2016. Each game has a free apk download link with obb when available. Most of these are full version paid apps so if you like something and got the cash, follow the Google Play link to buy it!

1. Quake for Google Cardboard (full version)
Quake VR is the mobile port of the PC version in which you fight dungeon creatures and survive. It's been specifically tailord for VR gameplay on Android!
Requirements: control pad, Cardboard or equivalent with headstraps to play in VR-mode.
Installation: Install Apk, Copy ‘Q4C’ folder to sdcard/ , and launch the game.
Download Quake APK + DATA v1.7.1 | Google Play

2. BombSquad VR for Cardboard
BombSquad VR is all about blowing up stuff.. it includes dozens of mini-games, multiplayer, and more.
Requirements: a gamepad to play (or a second device running the 'BombSquad Remote' app), Cardboard.
Download BombSquad VR APK v1.4.62 | Google Play

3. House of Terror VR (full version)
In this game you find yourself trapped in a really creepy house filled with otherwordly creatures, and try to survive.
Requirements: Mobile Virtual Reality glasses Lakento MVR, but can work Google Cardboard by using a bluetooth joystick.
Download House of Terror VR FULL APK v4.2.2 Obb Data (PART1) + PART2 | Google Play

4. Gravity Train VR
Travel the world in the high speed gravity trains that will take you anywhere on earth in a matter of minutes.
Requirements: VR glasses (headset) FIBRUM

5. End Space VR for Cardboard
In this one, players engage in extreme space battles and fight hordes of enemies. It's a space fps like none other. Feel the thrill and action as you fire lasers and destroy enemy ships!
Requirements: Cardboard app compatible Android phone
Download End Space VR for Cardboard APK v1.011Google Play

6. I Slay Zombies - VR Shooter
Use various weapons to fight hordes upon hordes of zombies in a really immersive Virtual Reality Environment. Try to survive, and Do NOT get eaten!
Requirements: any Android device with 360° view - VR-headsets such as Google Cardboard recommended.
Download I Slay Zombies VR Shooter APK v1.0.3 | Google Play

7. Hidden Temple - VR Adventure
Go on an treasure hunting adventure in VR mode, and solve challenging puzzles to unlock the secret chambers.
Requirements: any Android device with 360° view - Google Cardboard recommended
Download Hidden Temple VR Adventure APK v1.0.5 | Google Play

8. Perfect Beach VR
Put on your headset and relax in your very own private beach. Listen to the sounds of waves, birds, and enjoy the sun!
The game is exclusively made for Google Cardboard.
Download Perfect Beach VR APK v1.0.0 | Google Play

9. Subway Surfing VR
New York City has been flooded, and much to your luck, you have brought your surfboard with you. Ride through the waves of water and travel in the tunnels in this fun-filled surfing adventure.
Game requirements: Play in VR mode with your Cardboard or VR headset (DODOcase recommended), or in mobile mode.
Download Subway Surfing VR APK v1.0 | Google Play

10. Roller Coaster VR (full)
Pull the lever and start a vr roller-coaster adventure through a beautiful tropical island!
Game requirements:  VR glasses (headset) FIBRUM (or cardboard)
Roller Coaster VR Attraction APK Full v1.6 + Obb Data (154 MB) | Google Play

11. Mad Race VR (Full)
Jump into your buggy and perform extreme stunts and jumps in this new extreme racing game from Fibrum.
Mad Race VR APK Full v1.6 + Obb Data | Google Play

12. VR Swing - virtual attraction (Full)
Swivel and swing in complete VR mode in this exciting cartoony virtual attraction;
Requires: FIBRUM virtual reality glasses/headset (or google cardboard).
VR Swing Apk full v1.6 + Obb Data | Google Play

13. Sky Runners VR (full)
This game takes players into space to pilot the most powerful starships and take part in some crazy racing adventures for the championship.
Sky Runners VR Apk Full v1.0 + Obb Data | Google Play

14. Mission Leviathan VR full
Dive deep and explore the ocean as you try to demistify the mystery of a sunken ship.
Requires: VR glasses (headset) FIBRUM 
Mission Leviathan VR Apk v1.0 + Obb Data | Google Play

15. VR Bike APK (free)
Drive your bike at high speed through city traffic in this intense google cardboard virtual reality game.
VR Bike APK (free) | Google Play

16. Jurrasic VR - Google Cardboard (free)
Experience a dinotastic adventure and meet many types of dinosaurs in this dangerous game. Play in VR or non-VR modes, explore the jungles, observe the deadly creatures, and have a ride of a lifetime!
Game requirements: compatible with all non-powered virtual reality goggles.
Jurrasic VR APK (free) | Google Play

17. VR Whales Dream of Flying
Enjoy an out-of-this-world experience as you ride an acean gliding rollercoaster watching beautiful flying whales.
Download VR Whales (full version)

18. Minos Starfighter VR
Pilot a mighty spaceship with advanced weapons and target your enemies in the first VR FPS game for mobile devices.
Download Minos Starfighter VR APK

Go on a wild ride through the cosmos and marvel in the beauty of it all. Watch asteroids / meteors, discover planets, and enjoy the vastness of space.
Download A Time in Space 2 VR APK

Board a ghost train and try not to get scared as you encounter ghosts and other supernatural beings.
Download Darkness Roller Coaster VR

21. Dungeon Escape VR
This is a dungeon crawling game with stealth elements. You must escape your dungeon cell, explore secret rooms, and avoid guards, to ultimately flee from this hellhole.
Free download Dungeon Escape v1.0.1

22. VR Battle Helicopters 
Pilot your very own fighter copter and shoot down enemies as you avoid their missiles and weapons. Enjoy intense aerial combat in virtual reality.
Download Battle Helicopters v1.1 APK

23. VR Space: The Last Mission
Immerse yourself in action-packed space arcade shooting as you fight enemies of the galaxy using your advanced battle spaceship.
Download VR Space v1.1 APK

24. Heroes of the Seven Seas VR
You can now enjoy a real pirate adventure and sail across the oceans in gorgeous virtual reality, and enjoy battles in FPS RPG style.
Download Heroes of the Seven Seas v1.0.0

25. VR Tank
This is a tank driving simulation in which your goal is to get to the given destination all while destroying enemy tanks in your way.
Download VR Tank v1.0.2 APK

26. Cmoar Roller Coaster VR FULL
Take a ride into the heart of the wild west and watch the beautiful scenery including deserts, valleys, caves, etc.

I hope you like these Android VR Games I chose for you guys. If you have anything to add, or are having problems installing some app please comment. I'll be adding more VR titles to the list in the future.. It took me a lot of time to write this article so don't forget to SHARE it with your friends!


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