Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Hack / Mod 4.19.3 (Unlimited Donuts, Money, XP, Tickets)

Download The Simpsons Tapped Out HACK

The Simpsons Tapped Out is a city building simulation game based on the popular tv series, in which you try to rebuild the fictional city of Springfield that Homer Simpson destroyed.

Today, we bring you the only free and working Unlimited Donuts and Money Hack for The Simpsons: Tapped Out version 4.19.3 (aka Modded Apk) for Android. This latest version, dubbed Casino Update features many exciting upcoming events and new ways to get free donuts. The cheats available in this hack do not require root access, so it can be used in most Android devices.

If you've ever played The Simpsons game before, you know that EA relies heavily on in-app purchases for revenue. It's a good model to implement in online games but Electronic Arts took it to a whole other level. You'll reach some levels that you can't pass without spending real cash. You'll also need real money to unlock most of the stuff in TSTO game like characters, donuts and more.

Features in The Simpsons Tapped Out hack are:
  1. Unlimited Donuts. 
  2. Unlimited money. 
  3. Ban-Protection
  4. Free Shopping
  5. Get permanent bonus donuts for rushing! 
  6. Google Play purchases disabled

What's new in content update 4.19.3
- A casino comes to Springfield with new casino mini-games to play.
- Build four casino buildings in your town: You first get Burns’ Casino, then work to unlock Gaming Moe’s, Cletus’s Dice Den and Homer’s House of Cards.
- Casino Tokens can be used to play new games, like the slot machine,etc

So if you like the tv show or are into city building games head down below to download The Simpsons: Tapped Out 4.19.3 Mod Apk and play with free unlimited donuts and money.

Installation Guide:
1. Download TSTO hacked APK file (link below)
2. Enable the "allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store" in your Android security setting.
3. Uninstall your current Tapped Out version.
4. Install the new Simpsons Tapped Out Hack v4.19.3, Start the game and let it run until the update is complete.
5. After the update finishes, sign into your origin account, enter your town and have fun.

UPDATE NOW: Simpsons Tapped Out 4.21.1 hack

Outdated release:
The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack (Version 4.19.3)

NOTE: The MOD has been updated on March 2, 2016 - Everything is working again, have fun!! If it doesn't work try the original mod we previously posted:

TSTO 4.19.3 original Mod
NEW Important v 4.19.3 original mod apk Notes:
- This one is specific to the Casino event
- Donuts trick may not work anymore..still working on a fix!
-The slot machine & the crafting is working great
-When you play Moe's, the number of golden coins increase so you win colors coins and other things, u also get infinite tokens
-You can buy premium stuff without donuts - free shopping
EA is making it hard for us to break their game with each update, so don't complain!
if you bought sth and lost your donuts, try close the game, go to recent apps and delete it from recent apps list and then open the game again. maybe some of your donuts will come back.
- You can use SB game hacker to get donuts..

*This is only working guide you'll find online to install the hack Apk version for free.
*The Simpsons: Tapped Out unlimited donuts and money mod has been brought to you by APKTRON via Ogbrandon. Updated on February 25, 2016!


  1. Replies
    1. sorry for the late reply
      which mod are u using?

  2. Replies
    1. sorry for the belated reply Leon!
      The Simpsons Tapped Out donut injection hack is a small script (program) u use to get a specified amount of donuts (u pay to get more)
      the only working/trusted one is Damar1st's

      BUT THERE IS A RISK OF BAN! people using the injector to get free donuts and not get banned are mostly advanced users and use multiple accounts

      but if ur willing to try, i can show u how. However, i dont recommend it if you already have a good amount in ur real Simpsons account (u can use our hack insttead)

      Im here if u need more assistance

    2. Im an experienced 3 year hacker and I will be releasing some cheats for tapped out very soon

    3. @unknown
      u're welcome to release it on apktron

  3. Please explain donut injection. Thanks. :)

  4. I need help my donuts are going down I did the neighbor thing where I visit them which is what you said I should do but it goes down!

    1. please do read this comment by @Homero:
      to get donuts we need to buy the gift box a bunch of times to actually get the donuts. You get random other items but slowly you will get more and more donuts.

      It cost 6 donuts to buy the gift box but you get it back each time you buy one after you visit a neighbor and then return. Make sure you have more than 6 donuts before buying the gift box tho as it will sometimes take them from you if you only have 6. I found that out the hard way. So I did it with 7 the next time and from there on out it returned them to me. I did it a bunch untill I had hundreds of donuts. I now have close to 700.

  5. The donuts go down even though I did what you said which is visit my neighbor it still goes down!

    1. Comment by Jessica:
      I've seen alot of decision about the donut issue and I'll just give you ways to get them and what you can buy unlimited with little or no donuts..Y

      Anything from the premuim store that cost donuts you can buy except(without using your own) for the xp, the Homer space character upgrade, Kruse Laffy meals, the mystery box. However I was able to upgrade and buy all my properties with the donuts... I wasn't able to buy the land in Springfield heights without getting the cell phone, chairs coffee etc, however I was able to use my existing donuts (43 of them) to complete the activities going back and forth between neighbourhoods (to replenish my donuts) . For every round I finished I got a donut or 2. This donut was added to my overall total so it went to 45. Theb I completed the daily challenges and went from 45 permanent donuts to 55 permanent donuts. I then just started buying the mystery box which uses your donuts but you can get the 10 or 30 bonus donut pack which then added to my total donut.. so from 55 it went to 85. I kept buying the mystery box over and over again until I hit 350 permanent donuts. Now everytime I leave and come back it replenish it , it's always 350 donuts. If I choose to sit there and buy mystery boxes it will go up 30 donuts every 10-15 mystery boxes... ok sorry for long post sharing what I knkw.

  6. I also don't have unlimited money?

  7. The MOD is worth the wait. APKTRON is the only source I trust. Your hard work is always appreciated!!!

  8. This time,Donuts does not come back after I visit friends..
    Maybe doesn't work to me.waiting next update,Thanks.

    1. i already stated that below download link! EA is upping Tapped Out security making it hard to mod the game

    2. Thanks for reply!I understand.and Thanks for hardwork!

    3. new mod added on 2/3/16
      everyhing should be unlimited

  9. Can you help me ..I wantd a modded version which includes all the old/previous items.

    1. old items not available,
      we've just updated our mod, give it a shot!

  10. Works like a charm. Thank you :)

  11. About 1 million cash and 20000 Donuts after one day. You guys rock

    1. welcome :-) i'd appreciate it if you'd SHARE this page with friends on G+, facebook, twitter, forums, etc!

    2. take it easy though with the hacks, be smart!

    3. I am! Thank you

  12. if i uninstall now and then install with original installer, will the million donuts stay ore i lost them after that.

  13. Replies
    1. an update is already out version 4.19.4
      search Google "Simpsons tapped out 4.19.4 apktron"



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