Saturday, December 19, 2015

You can now train your abs using only your Android device and your willpower! Passion4Profession's 8 Minutes Abs Workout pro (apk unlocked / paid) can help you get that six pack you've ever wanted without any gym equipment!

Chest Workout (paid features unlocked) is yet another fitness app for your Android phones and tablets from Passion4Profession. This one is focused on pectoral workouts. Get in shape at home, the park, or wherever you go without the need for a gym.

Passion4Profession's Legs Workout and Exercises for Android (paid features unlocked) allow you to train your legs without any gym equipment. You can choose between many different workouts of varying length and difficulty.

Passion4Profession's Butt Workout app (paid features unlocked) is the perfect Android tool to help you get your buttocks in shape without use of any other professional equipment!

NeuroNation Premium is a brain training app featuring professional brain games to increase memory, focus and intelligence.