Saturday, December 12, 2015

Smart Screen On Off PRO APK 4.0.6 - By Suriv

As of today, you can turn on/off your Android's screen in a smart way, without needing or using the power button. Read the features below and get more information on the various ways to achieve that.

App features include:
- Double Tap HOME SCREEN To Screen OFF
- Support Animation screen OFF
- Shake to screen ON/OFF.
- You can set shake count to turn ON/OFF screen
- Use Proximity sensor to turn ON/OFF screen.
- Proximity Smart Cover feature for user using Flip Cover (If you use a phone case with cover, just close the cover to turn screen OFF. and open the cover to turn screen ON).
- With Smart Cover feature when you put the phone in a pocket to turn screen OFF, and take the phone out your
pocket the screen will be turn ON.
- You can set time off delay to turn OFF screen.
- You can set Swipe count to Swiping over the proximity sensor to turn ON/OFF screen.
- The APK provided on APKTRON unlocks all pro/full version features.

What's New in version 4.0.6
- New icon
- New interface
- New features

The app requires Android 4.0.3 and up
More info on Google Play

Download: 2MB
Smart Screen On Off PRO 4.0.6

Just install APK and use (PRO features are unlocked)

- Double Tap Home Screen to Screen OFF, Shake to Screen ON
- Shake to turn OFF, use the proximity sensor to open the screen to the most comfortable and most effective.
- When only opening screen features with the proximity sensor when taking the phone out of the bag itself on the screen.
- Besides you can very much for the way how to shut off by different types of sensors.

Unfortunately in some devices, the accelerometer sensor cannot be used when the screen is OFF so you can't turn on screen by feature Shake sensor and Gravity sensor. But you can use proximity sensor.

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