Monday, December 14, 2015

Shadow Seekers MOD APK 0.1.1187 (Unlimited Gems)

Shadow Seekers (hacked apk), a newly released action RPG in which you fight all kinds of un-earthly monsters, is now available for your Android.

It’s in the darkest times that light shines the brightest. After the great Aspect Wars ended, the world lies in ruin. Undead and demons, along with more mundane monsters and bandits roam the land. But hope is not lost! There still is a City, protected by mighty wards, where civilization has survived. Now, with a new, strong leader, its people slowly expand their territories, clearing region after region of war-torn land of monsters, undead and marauders and establishing their dominance. You are at the tip of the spear, a defender of civilization and a daring scout who reclaims knowledge long-lost - one of the Order of Seekers.

The game has many features. Like all RPGs, Shadow Seekers (Mod) include:
- Infinite amount of gems
- EPIC STORY. From humble beginnings to glory and renown - walk the path of a Seeker Officer, commander of powerful heroes.
- UNIQUE GAMEPLAY. Blending old-school and modern game design, our battle system offers gameplay never seen before on mobile devices.
- WIDE ROSTER OF HEROES. 16+ Seekers eagerly await a chance to join your party.
- NEVER RUN OUT OF QUESTS. Complete an epic Campaign that follows the City’s expansion outwards, participate in randomly-generated Adventures and delve into dangerous Dungeons to reap unimaginable rewards!
- CRAFTING. Collect essences and transform them into powerful gear!
- EASY TO LEARN. Intuitive controls and simple, but deep combat.
- FREE-TO-PLAY. Everything can be achieved through gameplay, but progress can be boosted.

HACKS (by Lemka):
- Unlimited Gems

What's New in version 0.1.1187
- Improved visual effects in battle
- Bug fixes and optimizations
The game requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Google Play ID: com.cmta.saga

Download: 75MB
Shadow Seekers v0.1.1187 MOD APK

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