Wednesday, December 2, 2015

RustyHearts MOD APK 1.0.6

RustyHearts by Eyedentity Mobile for Android is a brand new action RPG with an epic storyline, addictive gameplay, and smooth animations.

Rusty Hearts (mod) features:
- Feel the powerful impact of Chain Break
- Trigger ‘Chain Break’ with different character combination.
- Break through the crisis with the powerful ‘Chain Break.’
- Bring monsters in close and kill them in one exciting move!
- Wipe out ceaseless waves of enemies with a dynamic move in this easy and quick pace of battles.
- Cartoon Rendering leads you into the animation action
- The animation-like graphics vitalize the game’s style, allowing you immerse more into the game.
- Draw out tactical play through Crests and attribute relationship.
- Equip Crests with various options to customize each character and
- Form a unique combination among STR, DEX or Magic characters to win in the tactical battle!

The game requires Android  4.1 and up.

Hacks in version 1.0.6 are: (by  icry4u)
- High Dmg ( 1 hit )
- God Mod
- Speed (Mod 2)

Download: 33MB
RustyHearts MOD APK v1 | MOD v2

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