Monday, December 7, 2015

Rogue Saga APK 1.2.0 + MODs

Rogue Saga is a classic Rogue-like turn-based RPG in which you must survive in the procedurally-generated dungeons.
"Choose a class among many different classes and enter an unpredictable dungeon. Slain monsters, find treasure chests and get items and skills that will make you stronger. But don't forget to eat. It is a bit strange but there are stores inside the dungeons. So it would be wise for you to collect gold and loots."

APK(s) info:
1. Retail (paid full version of Rogue Saga)
2. Unlimited Gold Mod Apk
3. Modded with Gold, Hp, Mp, Xp, willpower, Inteligence ect...

What's New in version 1.2.0
- Change effect of the "sense" magic
- Add recipes of equipment related
- Improvement of the graphic effects and optimization
Bug fixes
- Fixed the problem that had been able to attack the enemy invisible
- Fixed an issue that some of the capabilities of items does not apply
Balance adjustment
- Monster balance significantly modified
- Ranger and Amazons no more can't wear heavy armor

Rogue Saga 1.2.0 APK + MOD (unlimited gold soon)

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