Friday, December 11, 2015

TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic APK 1.18.1 Build 2169 (Full, Patched) UPDATE LATEST 2020

The premiere navigation app TomTom GO just got better. Let the app choose the best way to get you to your destination in the best possible time. When on the road you only need TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic, the best on the Android market (Apk available for download, ver 2.0.3 will be here soon)!

By installing TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic (full version) you benefit:
- Always know the fastest route: TomTom Traffic gets you there faster
- Get real-time traffic information: See exactly where delays start and end and how to avoid them
- Quick access to your favorites: Immediately start driving to your favorite places
- See buildings and landmarks in stunning 3D: Know exactly where you are so you never miss a turn
- Get alerts for safety cameras: Avoid speeding fines with accurate and timely speed warnings
- Navigation you can rely on: No need for an internet connection to plan your route

Scroll down to download the hacked/fully activated application package version of TomTom GO Navigation GPS Traffic for your Android!

What's New in version 1.18.1 Build 2169 (January 20, 2020 Update)
Bug fixes and improvements.
Android O support: The app is now compatible with Android O.
Destination prediction: Turn on this feature and the app will start learning your driving habits and predict when you're likely to drive to frequent destinations saved in My Places. It remembers the time of day when you make regular trips, so the more you drive with it, the more accurate its predictions will become. A commute will be ready right away with the latest traffic information.
MyDrive Sync: sync with TomTom MyDrive to safely back up and restore your favorite places and import community POIs
The app requires Android 4.0.3+

TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic 1.18.1 APK

You don't need OBB file.

If you're installing Tom Tom Go v1.18.x for the first time in your Android phone follow this procedure:
1) Install the app from Google Play Store.
2) Run it (until u get Map choice - optional), then close. No need to download maps at this stage.
3) Copy the TomTom obb file com.tomtom.gplay.navapp from the folder Android/obb and save it to a temp location. The file may be on internal memory or SD card
4) Uninstall TT Go app from Application Manager (do not uninstall it with Google Store or other 3rd party apps).
5) Then Install Tomtom_Go_Navigation&Traffic Patched (our release)
6) Restart the device
7) Run the app and start map download. YOU ARE DONE!
8) If Map download fails or is stuck at 1%, copy the obb file saved above in Step 3 to the android folder Android/obb. Make sure it is on the right device, Internal memory or SD card.
9) Restart the device
10) Run the app and download maps and voices
To Validate: In the TT app, navigate to Menu/tomtom services/unlimited navigation/valid until The date should read 1/1/01

- If you have our previous release v1.17.10 installed, you can install v1.18.1 over it without problems. Otherwise, uninstall, and re-install from scratch following instructions above.
- If app seems to hang at the Tomtom start logo, just force close 'Go' and restart the app. Otherwise, uninstall, and re-install from scratch.
- If voice instructions seem broken, Delete them & download them again.
- If app force closes (FC), "clear Data" and it will work!
- If you get Wi-Fi connection problem with maps, it is from tomtom servers, just try again many times and it will work.
- You can always download an older version below if latest one doesn't work for you.
You can use Osmand+ (on our site) to avoid having to redownload maps with each new update.
If you have previous version Tom Tom Go v1.12.x from our site, you can probably install this new version over previous one without uninstalling.

Older apk versions:
TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic 1.17.10 APK
TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic 1.16.1 + OBB
TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic 1.12 APK
TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic 1.8.1 APK

If you get a "can't connect to Tomtom. Check your internet connection" error:
You have to install the original version from Play Store, uninstall and then install our apk (license until 2050/2100).


  1. Works great,
    Only one problem; whole Europe isn’t working. West and east works, but i can’t make one journey, you have to switch maps. Someone have the same problem? Or better, a solution?

    1. did u follow instructions completely?!

    2. try a clean install but follow instructions..
      Play Store version 1.9 has problems with downloading the maps, read commments on Google Play

  2. Link is dead, mirror available?

  3. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you want to wander off into the obscure and esteem your opportunity, you may pick a unit which can be grabbed and carted with you as you wander away on that trail way.

  4. No works, impossible download, i have find the 1.9 GO and it s works ...

  5. Tnx voor deze upload.

    Hoe kan ik nu controleren of ik de patch goed heb geïnstalleerd zonder eerst 75 km te gaan rijden?

  6. still like 1.8.2 thank this. because my trafic information not connect

  7. Help please i got now freemium license unthil 1/01/01 how do i fix this or is this normal?

  8. Zou graag willen weten of de 75 km limiet er écht uit is. Mijn vorige installatie (1.13) stopte er mee na 75 km..... Had écht de instructie opgevolgd.

  9. Hello,

    Love your app. But what do you mean by Osmand+
    I use Osmand+ for off-road riding, but they use OpenStreetMaps. Can they be used in the TomTom app as well?

    Thanks, Marten

  10. I have freemium license 1/01/01.
    That's ok??

  11. Successfully, installed and its working. Thanks but it shows 75 renew <<< What that means ! Please help.

  12. still no news on 75days Freemium?
    greetz, j0p3Y

  13. 75days answer:
    if you followed Instructions carefully, after a restart of the app, the expiry date changes to 01-01-2101

  14. hi, i followed carefully the instructions (i had a previous patched version that i removed first, then reinstall version from playstore, then removed it from installer, then installed patched apk and obb). but when starting GO patched, "charging the app" with turning wheel does not stop. i tried to force close and reopen but still the same. any idea ?

  15. u didnt read instrucitons buddy, i said if u already have patched version, no need to reinstall, just install over it.

    if app keep "charging" try connect to the internet and run the app. Otherwise, uninstall, and re-install from scratch

  16. Hi, in fact I was installing the apk from my sd card, which is not working...
    so now as i installed everything on mobile memory it works fine.

  17. Hi There. thanks for your help. I followed the instructions but I am at the logo with Loading app and the rotating wheel, hanging there. I tried closing, uninstalling. I have the folder in the OBB location. Can you help? thanks

  18. Doesn't work. Followed the instructions a few times and it's still stuck at " download paused" download will continue when your device is connected to a network" . Any suggestions?

  19. Same problem for me as well stuck at downloading map please help

  20. Yo estoy igual, con la descarga pausada. Y estoy conectado al WiFi. Alguien me puede ayudar? Muchas gracias por el trabajo realizado.

  21. Followed instructions for the 1.17 version. No dice. The app starts but when i select a map, any map, it hangs on downloading saying it is waiting for my device to connect.

    Any tips on how to get this working?

    1. try disconnecting and connecting!
      OR try emptying cache!

      OR do a fresh CLEAN install by following instructions

    2. This finally works for me.

      1 - install original (from g-play)
      2 - launch app, go though settings, wait till list of maps appears. Don't switch off app at this point!
      3 - launch file manager, navigate to /storage/emulated/0/android/obb/com.tomtom.gplay.navapp and copy it to different folder
      4 - now exit GO, and uninstall it from app-manager
      5 - install patched version from here. Don't launch it!
      6 - back to file manager - find your saved com.tomtom.gplay.navapp and put it back to /storage/emulated/0/android/obb/
      7 - now launch app, go to list of maps - and download which you want.

    3. Well done working thanks

  22. Are you working on 1.17.1? Does it have Oreo support?

  23. Where is the patched version on here to download?

  24. Thanks, it worked in my Samsung galaxy S3.

  25. Hi. Installed by instructions. App works but doesn't connect for live traffic and speed cameras

  26. Hello

    I installed 5 times, every time, i have the logo tomtom with charge appli, but all the time this, charging appli, but no start ? help .? i have try all solutions ! Pls help. Greetings


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