Monday, November 23, 2015

NEO.emu 1.5.34 APK

The premiere SNK NeoGeo arcade emulator NEO.emu for Android has an update (July 25, 2016). It is the perfect way to enjoy one of retro gaming’s greatest systems

Scroll down to see what's been updated in latest version 1.5.34 for NEO.emu APK. Free download links included!

Play SNK’s famous console games like Metal Slug, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury in emulator form right on your Android and enjoy such classics on your phone or tablet.

What's new in version 1.5.34
This NEO.emu APK (latest) has;
- Fixed loading games with international characters from archives
- Fixed blank directory listing on some Android devices
- Fixed crash when using Samsung screen recorder
- Fixed Mix With Other Apps option not toggling on
- Fixed crashes on some devices like the LG G4 on Android 6.0 related to the GPU Copy Mode option
- Improved error messages when selecting files & directories
- Clicking the middle of the navigation bar in a file browser returns to home path

The app requires Android 2.3 and user-supplied romsets from MAME 0.144 or newer for correct operation (, etc).

Download: 0.6MB
NEO.emu 1.5.34 APK


  1. please share new version

  2. This is a fake link to scam you through their ads don't open it download neogeo emu somewhere else .

    1. i use afly to shrink links.. u have t pass the ad.. and dont click anything else.. until ur on Zippyshare and click download

      ads r the only thing paying fr this site...

  3. Please share new version 1.5.37

  4. Bro.apk??? Is it a virus? What the fuck did you make me install?

    1. didnt make u install anything, thats an ad, always check the name and extension of the file being downloaded! i always say that


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