Friday, November 13, 2015

How to install Unsigned APK on Android (ROOT + Lucky Patcher needed)

If you can't login to your Google+ using modded games, or really need to uninstall Facebook, here is an easy guide to show you how to patch signature and make your Android device thinking that the signature is always true, so you can install any UNSIGNED mod apk on it.

What can you do after patching?
- Install Unsigned APK
- Install Unsigned APK over the original APK
- Login with your Facebook account without uninstalling Facebook app
- Login with your Google+ on modded games

1. Make sure your device is rooted, and have latest SuperSU and Busybox binaries.
2. Download Lucky Patcher and install it
3. Open Lucky Patcher from the app drawer and let it refresh
4. Click "Toolbox"

5. Click "Patch to android"

6. Check "Signature Verification status always true" and "Disable .apk Signature Verfication" and click Apply

IMPORTANT! If Lucky Patcher does not allow you to check "only patch dalvik-cache, which means, LP try other method to patch, wipe dalvik-cache and your device will REBOOTED! It will take 5-10 minutes to boot, just like when you boot your device for the first time. No user data are affected!

Most devices running Android Lollipop will reboot when patching

7. You will get a message saying that the patches are applied (ONLY if patched in dalvik-cache)

8. Reboot your device
9. Install the unsigned modded apk over the playstore version. (Do NOT uninstall the playstore version!)
10. Open the game, login to Google Play, and enjoy!

iAndroHacker (for creating this tutorial)
ChelpuS (for creating Lucky Patcher xD)
Raxx (for grammar fix)
This article is a copy of the one available on Alphagamers for our users.


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