Thursday, December 24, 2015

Devil Eater MOD APK 4.01 (Unlimited money)

Hunt the evil forces in Devil Eater, a great action game for Android.

Use diverse demonic weapons and upgrade various fighting skills and speed to destroy the evils crawling the dungeons and claim your soul. The modded apk of Devil Eater features infinite Gold, money, and Silver currency to help on your quests!

The game requires Android 2.3.3 and up (May lag on 512 Ram devices)

What's new in version 4.01
* Final Boss Stage!
-Meet Baal, the ultimate boss on 400 kills
-Finally you'll find out what happened with Elise
Ver 3.02
Your data now can be saved!
- Title Scene > OPTION > 'SAVE/LOAD' Btn
- Save often to save yourself
* Adcolony ad tool sdk updated.
Ver  2.9
World Map feature added!
- Progress at a glance, on title scene!
- Jump destination selectable
More Celestial Shop Items!
3 below items are now on Sale:
- Archangel's Armor : 3000 gold + Michael's Will (Pistol)
- Archangel's Wing: 5000 gold + Michael's Generosity
- Archangel's Baptism: 10000 gold + Double All Your In-game Gold Earnings

Mods (Credit: GloryWar)
- Infinite Coins.
- Infinite Premium Currency.
- Extremely High Attack.
- Enemies Disarmed(They do 0 damage).
- Extremely High Defense.

Download: 52MB
Devil Eater 4.01 MOD APK

Install and play.

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