Saturday, November 11, 2017

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow MOD APK 1.4.6 (Unlimited, Free Shop, Unlocked)

The original Unlimited money, Supplies, Decorations, and Skipping hack for Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow - The latest adventure from TinyCo which was officially released on November 8, 2017

The story follows after the universe is shaken out of balance because two Hypnotoads from two different realities fell in love. Now it's your job to help Fry rescue his friends, clear the Hypnowaves, and save the universe one building at a time. Worlds of Tomorrow offers you a chance to build your very own New York with your favorite characters from the show, as well as explore space, and battle other players in PvP combat.

Worlds of Tomorrow Hacks list:
  1. Free Store (no money needed to shop)
  2. Free Supplies
  3. Free Buildings
  4. Free Decorations
  5. Free Premium Items in Store
  6. Free Rent Skipping
  7. Free Character Action Skipping
  8. Free Land Clear Skipping
  9. Fuel Hack
  10. Unlock All Shop Items
  11. Unlock Old Items
  12. Early Unlock Characters

If you're into the Futurama show, quest-based sim / strategy games, city building, space exploring, PvP battling then Worlds of Tomorrow is for you. You play by tapping the screen to collect, expand, build, navigate, or fight. You need to complete tasks, unlock new characters and buildings, and level everything up just like in The Simpsons game.

What's New:
New New York is now saved and The Robot Devil horde has been defeated. Stay tuned for brand new content coming this holiday season!

More info at Google Play
Requires Android 4.0 and up

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow 1.4.6 MOD APK (see above list of Mods!)

Modder Notes:
- Free Action Skipping { Select a character, chose an action, select skip it will cost 0 pizza }
- You can also use the outfit -o- matic and skip for free. (It comes in really handy for Golden Bender)And to get cash you can get one of your characters to do an action and skip it repeatedly for free getting cash, and exp.This mod does not give you pizza, let you skip building times, or give you cash other then doing actions and skipping.

Just install v1.4.6 and play.
If you encounter any bugs or issues please comment.
Other name for this release: "Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow hack"


  1. This worked for me. No free pizza or money, but could purchase buildings, characters and career chips for free. Which is fantastic. Thank you.

  2. it doesnt start! it says upgrade and when i press play store is shiwing up


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