Friday, April 28, 2017

Star Wars™: Commander MOD APK

Star Wars fans, now's your chance to choose a side and either fight for the Rebellion or the Empire in this latest hack for Star Wars™: Commander

This is a base building and defense game in which your strategy will either grant you victory or doom you. Join your favorite characters from the franchise in an epic adventure across the universe. Train your troops, build units, defend your base, level up heroes, team up online, and have fun!

What's New in version
Deploy the Millennium Falcon and more! Starship pilots join with new abilities, summoning airstrike attacks while battling alongside your troops.
New Naval Units
• Imperial and Alliance starfighter pilots will summon starship attacks.
New Naval Assault Equipment
• Chewbacca battles with air support from the Millennium Falcon!
• The Naval Officer will command turbolasers from Star Destroyers.
• Rodian Recon Sniper and Sullustan Recon Sharpshooter equipment call down starfighter bombing runs.

More info at Google Play
Requires Android 4.2 and up

MOD Menu:
1. You can Drag the menu
2. Click “?” to Setting the Menu
3. You can Change Theme of the Menu
4. You can set the Size of the menu “Size -” and “Size +”

Featured Mods:
1. God Mode
2. One Hit
3. Health x10
4. Damage x10
5. Attack Range x100
6. Move Speed x2
7. Attack Speed x5

Star Wars Commander v4.13.0.9941 MOD APK

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