Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed MOD APK

Fight to unite the three kingdoms and become a legend in this epic hack for Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, a timeless RPG where you get to battle using elite warriors, powerful ancient weapons, and your strategy skills, in addition to these awesome features:

- Build your armies now and go to battle!
- Fight for survival, honor, and glory against hordes of enemies that would like nothing more than to rip you apart.
- Choose from 48 legendary characters from the Dynasty Warriors series, each with their unique set of skills. Build the ultimate team now!
- Take advantage of the signature weapon system to make your officers the best they can get!
- Fight the enemy in various game modes namely: Skirmish, Boss Fight, Raid, War Supply, Conquest. Tofind out more about each mode visit the Play Store.

What's New in version
Gear Extraction
Improved Inventory
Ladder of Glory: Level Pass
Transcendence Available
Guild Dungeon
Red Cliff Season I (Story Added)
Officer Fusion
Support Pack for the fallen

More info at Google Play
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Download Dynasty Warriors Unleashed MOD APK(s):

MOD1 (Skill No Cooldown)

MOD2 (High Defense​+Skill No Cooldown)

MOD3 (High Attack+High Defense+Skill No CD)

Note: On some devices it’s crashing on start, just keep clicking on screen while game starts, don’t know why but it works. After I changed the resolution to full-hd ingame I didn’t had this error anymore.

Q: Why I can't use FB login?
- Remove your Facebook App & login again.

Q: Why I can't use Google login?
- Signed apk can't use Google login, use FB login instead.

Q: Why I can't install this mod?
- Make sure you removed PlayStore(original) version before install modded apk.


aramai siuk said...

Hi.. can you make unsigned apk for this.

Ryan Wilson said...

no unsigned for this game

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