Thursday, June 22, 2017

BLEACH Brave Souls MOD APK 5.0.4

Grab your weapons and head for battle in the latest hack for BLEACH Brave Souls version 5.0.4 - which was officially released on June 26th, 2017

This latest update (302) brings new content and gameplay enhancements. Among which is the Brave Souls Quest system which has been greatly improved for an ever smoother gaming experience, plus brand new coop additions.

Enjoy this newest modded bleach story apk and slash your enemies to bits! Unleash your Bleach character's powerful moves and comboes to be victorious!

What's New in version 5.0.4
- New "Inherit Stats" feature
- Co-Op: Owner Bonuses, inactive player penalties, ability to change characters after entering a room with entry requirements
- Toggle text on character art screens
- Raid schedule News section redesigned
- Measures to prevent game force-quitting on some devices implemented
Issue Fixed
- The game freezing under certain conditions when Fusing Accessories
- Screen freezing and the camera moving upwards during Co-Op Quests
See in-game notices for more details.

Google Play id: com.klab.bleach
Requires Android 4.0 and up

Download BLEACH Brave Souls 5.0.4 MOD APK:

MOD1 (Singleplayer + Co-Op):
1. God-Mode (Enemies have 1 atk)
2. Unlimited Soul Bombs (even if empty can be used)
3. Instant Kill (Enemies have 1HP)
4. No Skill Cooldown
5. Co-Op Speed x4
Info: For Co-Op be sure to be leader of the party. If not, only speed works!

MOD2: (Only Singleplayer):
1. God-Mode (Enemies have 1 atk)
2. Unlimited Soul Bombs (even if empty can be used)
3. Instant Kill (Enemies have 1HP)
4. No Skill Cooldown

Install Apk, Download data files in-game and play online. No Root!
If you get any glitch or a problem comment below please!

Q. Can this mod get you banned?
A. yes that is why I advice you guys not to use your main account but in instead an alt account that can help out your main during the co-op. Also removing this ban is not possible since it is server sided..

Q. When i run the mod it either freeze or gives me a black screen at the emulator?
A. If that is the case just restart the mod and it should fix itself.

Q. How come i cant use the mod at the brave battle?
A. Well it is a server sided patch sadly?

Q. How to solve the Afk issue.
A. their is an app called RepetiTouch where u record a moment and it works like a bot it will keep looping the same movement so the system wont detect it as afk is my best guess.

NOTE: I hope this will help you at co-ops. Deisuke won't take any responsibility if you get banned. (u should make a fake account to host with the main)


shsmd said...

i tried the 3rd version and there wasn't any infinity spirit orbs, neither visually nor in data (spent 500 trying to test it ;-;)

zaki moussaid said...

i got banned with the v2 can i ever have my account back ?

Anonymous said...

No. Permanent ban. Make new account. If u wanna play with mod - play on bluestack. And when got ban, change your Android ID. And make new account.

Anonymous said...

need update again

Anonymous said...


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