Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Greenify Donation APK 3.5.4 build 368

The best apk to conserve battery juice, and keep your Android running as smooth as the day you bought it, is here! Greenify version 3.5.4 Donate will put to hibernation any application unless you need it, thus keeping your device running longer and at full speed.
This app requires: ROOT and Xposed Framework

You can download the fully activated Greenify Pro latest update (February, 2017) from the link provided below. Enjoy your games and apps without freezes, lags or crashes due to insufficient RAM. Remember though, as it needs access to system files, Greenify will need root, if you have no root on your android you will not be able to use the full app!

Some features of Greenify Donate include:
- Use any hibernated app unlike in TB
- No autostarts problems anymore
- No aggressive killing of apps with Task Killers which would consume battery even more
With Greenify donation package, you'll be able to use the full functionality of the app and will greatly support the developers who made it. At Apktron, we try to help the devs by sending satisfied users to buy their apps, so if you like it, buy it!

What's New:
Greenify is now compatible with Android O Developer Preview.
Improved the prescription activation in privileged mode.
NEW: Background-free apps will not be hibernated automatically by default
NEW: Wake-up cut-off now works in non-root mode! (currently only on Android 4.4~5.x)
NEW: "Privileged Mode", more powerful than Root mode. It can be activated either by ROM-integration or moving app to system partition (/system/priv-app).
Fixed wake-up tracking on some Samsung ROMs.
Tasker plug-in "Aggressive Doze Toggle" now works on Android 7 in non-root mode.

For more information please visit Google Play id: com.oasisfeng.greenify
You will need Android 4.1 and up to install this one!
Watch the tutorial and review if you're in doubt:

Greenify Donation 3.5.4 APK

1) Remove any previous version and Donation Package first!
2) Install our apk.
3) Open Xposed Installer, select greenify inside modules tab, open framework tab then press install/update & reboot.

NO Donate KEY needed, and Analytics disabled, enjoy!

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