Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rise of Darkness MOD APK 1.2.68268

Control the blood crystal, change into powerful warriors, and battle evil demons in the God Mode hack for Rise of Darkness, one of the hottest MMORPGs for android.

Transform into various fiends and battle for good or evil. Fight your way to victory through various game modes. Defeat epic bosses and their minions in Story Mode, go for unlimited loots in Inferno Mode, destroy players from all over the world in Arena and Soul Reap, or join others in exciting Multiplayer mode. The darkness is here, either stop it or join it!

What's New in version 1.2.6
1. Introduce real-time PvP feature;
2. Introduce Ghost Offer feature;
3. Level cap increased to 125;
4. Introduce new Rune and Rune skill;
5. Introduce new EXP Trial Instance and Guild 1-Demon Challenge;
6. Introduce Demon Wing Class 21, Class 22, and Class 23;
7. Introduce two pets, some titles and some fashions;
8. Introduce Automatice Battle in instance;
9. Fixed some bugs.

The game requires Android 2.3 and up
Watch the gameplay video:

Rise of Darkness 1.2.68268 MOD APK (GOD Mode - Take no Damage)

How to fix white screen while loading: (if you get that problem)
- Download the Game from the PlayStore.
- Go to "sdcard/Android/obb".
- Rename the folder "com.cmge.gplay.rod" to "com.cmge.gplay.rod-1".
- Uninstall the PlayStore version.
- Install the Modded version.
- Rename the folder again to it's original name.
Open the game and it should run without any problem.
Credits to DeltaCR

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