Wednesday, January 11, 2017

MX Player Pro 1.9.1 APK (All Codecs - AC3, DTS) - LATEST

Enjoy your media files in style with the most powerful video player on Google Play. MX Player Pro (ac3 latest version) is the highest-rated media player for android devices supporting almost all video and subtitle files. 

Enjoy your movies without the ads with MX Player Pro ad free apk. With such features as hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding to enhance performance on dual-core devices, easy gesture controls like Zoom and Pan, MX delivers the best bug-free video playing experience on mobile.

It also supports almost all subtitle formats such as DVD, SSA/ASS, SAMI(.smi), SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub), VobSub(.sub/.idx), WebVTT(.vtt), and many more for a fully immersive experience.

MX Player Pro (full version) also has a cool feature called Kids Plugin. It allows you to "keep your kids entertained without having to worry that they can make calls or touch other apps."

What's New in version 1.9.1 (updated June 2, 2017)
- Bug fixes.
- Added an option for selecting action on headset disconnected under Settings > Audio.
v1.8.9 - v1.8.10
- Added AV-sync menu on [Playback screen → Menu → Audio]. This can be used for disabling AV-sync if audio keep stuttering.
- Bug fixes.
- Added alternative HW+ decoder for Android 5.0 and above which will be used automatically on Android 7, HTC devices and CyanogenMod. For other devices, it can be activated manually on [Settings → Decoder → Alternative HW+ decoder].
- Supports Android 7.0 multi-window.
- Added an option for playing without video display on [Playback screen → Menu → Display → Video].

All versions below are cracked and AC3, DTS supported, enjoy Thanks to OsitKP/Jasi!
Required Android Varies with device

More info: (all versions are final patched releases)
PRO version: For ARM, Android 6.0 (by request)
NEON PRO version: For ARM+NEON, Android 6.0
x86 PRO version: For Intel x86, Android 4.0 or superior.

If you get confused, just install the first version, if it asks for codecs, use the one you need from the Pack below. If you need more help, just comment. AC3 is supported in all app versions on this page.

MX Player PRO v1.9.1 APK (NEON/AC3/DTS) OR x86 version

Note: ad-free means pro version, so please don't post any silly comments.

Previous version:
MX Player Pro 1.8.16 APK (NEON)
Codecs Pack (if you need it)

Codec Pack includes codecs for x86, Armv7 Neon, Tegra2, Tegra3. Choose the one you need according to your device.

Older version:
MX Player Pro 1.8.8 APK
NEON version
x86 version
NEON For android 4.0+ (Build 1170000112)

NEON Build (1170000112): For ARM+NEON, Android 4.0 or superior
If you get Lollipop Firmwares Install Failed, use latest v1.8.15 above.

Older versions: (by request)
MX Player Pro 1.8.6 - 1.8.5 - 1.8.4

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