Monday, August 29, 2016

Portal APK v66

Portal is for Nvidia Shield only and requires Android 4.4+ (Tegra 4) and a gamepad to play!

The game is a first-person action puzzler with a humourous AI. Players are put inside the Aperture Science Labs and must navigate the place and solve puzzles along the way. You need to use the Portal gun to open the various portals and move around. The gameplay is much similar to the original title with some touch screen and graphical improvements.

Players depend on a humourous AI called GLaDOS on their journey. It will give you moral support and instructions as you go from one room or portal to another. It's the best thing about this game! free download below and have fun!
more info on Google Play id: com.nvidia.valvesoftware.portal

What's new in version 66
version 66:
- Minor bug fix update
version 65:
- Move to Play Store asset hosting so that complete updates are distinct from game data downloads.
- Android M updates.
- Fix Y-axis inversion issue, maintaining existing default.

Portal v66 APK + DATA

Install the apk, Extract Data to sdcard /Android/obb/ , or download data in-game and play.

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