Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Budget Book 7.2 APK

Manage your financial matters more efficiently and up to the smallest details with My Budget Book, the defacto money management application for Android users.

Analyse your income and expenses through easy graphs. When you understand how much you're spending, you can project that for future estimates.. in addition to that, My Budget Book (free download apk below) also features:
- Work offline (no internet allowed for security reasons)
- No ads
- Switch between the different views current balance and monthly balance.
- Visualize the statistics as a table or graph and see how you have spent your money.
- Manage multiple accounts and make transfers between them.
- Group the statistics and charts by categories, accounts and if activated in the settings by groups, persons or payment types.
- Add photos or receipts to your transactions.
- Use reminders to help you make pending payments on time.
- Set the beginning of the month based on your regular salary (e.g. the 1st or the 15th).
- Reconcile your expenses with your bank statement.
- Protect your sensitive data with a password.
- Import existing data or bank statements using the CSV import (NB: imports of other formats can be made available on request).
- Export your data as HTML, Excel or CSV file in order to view or print them on your PC.
- Create backups so you never lose your data (including automatic backups).
For even more features and screenshots check out Google Play id:

What's new in version 7.2
In the multi selection for the transactions you can now also assign a new payment type, person, group or account to the selected transactions (if the optional fields have been activated).
Rule editor to assign transactions without category to a category based on a title or comment. The rule editor is mainly intended for CSV formats that do not contain categories (like most banks).
Exclude titles and comments in the autocompletion.
Scroll to today's date (if available).
Widescreen support.
All changes can be found in the "last changes" dialog.

My Budget Book 7.2 APK

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