Thursday, December 7, 2017

MARVEL Contest of Champions MOD APK 17.0.2

MARVEL Contest of Champions hack offers fast paced online action gameplay using your favorite superheroes and villains from the Marvel universe.

Build your team of the most powerful beings and head down to battle. This game is all about alliances so make the best ones to take down your enemies on difficult quests. Strategy is also at the heart of Contest of Champions (apk modded), so try to choose the optimum skills to use in each fight. Level up your characters, earn rewards and have fun!

What's New in version 17.0.2
Alliance Wars Seasons
Get ready to face the highest level of competition between Alliances!
Rise of the Black Panther
Losing ground against Thanos to procure Infinity Stones, The Illuminati place their fate in the hands of the Black Panther. Play the Event Quest today!
New Fighting Arena
Battle in the Muspelheim fighting arena - inspired by Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok!
Check out the full list of exciting updates on the MCoC blog:
More info on Google Play id: com.kabam.marvelbattle

Download MARVEL Contest of Champions 17.0.2 MOD APK:


V1) God Mode (Enemies don’t attack)

V2) God Mode (Enemies don’t attack), One Hit Damage

- May not work on all devices.
- Install “TUTORIAL” APK to pass tutorial. MOD APK can be installed over it.

Install Steps:
1. Remove original game
a. if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.
2. Download modded APK
3. Install modded APK
4. Enjoy =)

Note: Always use new account to test MODS so if you get ban then there will be no loss of save data.
Tnx to RG

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