Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BLEACH Brave Souls MOD APK 3.6.1

Grab your weapons and head for battle in the latest hack for BLEACH Brave Souls version  3.6.1 - which was officially released on November 10th, 2016

This latest update (302) brings new content and gameplay enhancements. Among which is the Brave Souls Quest system which has been greatly improved for an ever smoother gaming experience, plus brand new coop additions. Enjoy this newest bleach story and slash your enemies to bits!

What's New in version 3.6.1
- Raid Points added.
- Co-Op Quest room filters added.
- Side and Sub Story menus added. New Stories will be added to each menu periodically.
- Improved character and Accessory ordering.
Issues Fixed
- Issues with some characters’ attack speeds and attack area of effect.
- White lines appearing on the sides of the screen.

Mods: (by Deisuke)
1.1 hit kill enemy both co-op and singel
2. almost god mode at co-op
3. player faster movespeed
4. No skill Cooldown(dosen't need a root detection change anymore)

BLEACH Brave Souls 3.6.1 MOD APK

To use this mod u need 2 diffrent device one with proxy/vpn and another one whitout it.
The modded version fake account makes a host at co-op and the original accounts joins it.

Install Apk, Download data files in-game and play online. No Root!


  1. i tried the 3rd version and there wasn't any infinity spirit orbs, neither visually nor in data (spent 500 trying to test it ;-;)

  2. i got banned with the v2 can i ever have my account back ?

    1. No. Permanent ban. Make new account. If u wanna play with mod - play on bluestack. And when got ban, change your Android ID. And make new account.