Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Sandbox Evolution MOD APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Mana, Free Shopping)

Play god and create or destroy worlds in this unlimited money and mana hack for The Sandbox Evolution - Craft!. Only on APKTRON!

The game gives players over 170 different items to build incredible pixel-art worlds and universes. Some of the elements included are water, fire, electricity and acid. The Sandbox Evolution apk v1.1.6 (download below) is a truly amazing sandbox game to craft fascinating art or game levels.

Users create worlds by dragging their fingers to drop element pixels into environments. For instance, users can drop mud pixels to create fertile ground, and then drop tree seeds to plant trees on the land. Gamers can also add animals, humans, buildings and electrical elements to their environments. This includes the ability to create electrical machines that utilize levers, batteries, sensors and more... In The Sandbox Evolution (mod) users can complete campaign missions and daily quests to earn mana, the game’s main currency, just like the Sandbox 2. Mana can be spent to unlock many elements for future use, although some elements can only be unlocked using premium currency (money). -

The Sandbox Evolution unlimited Mana cheat will allow you to get different items for crafting. But the game can go only as far as your imagination goes, so let your creative mind go wild and create some unbelievable works of art.

What's new in 1.2.0
PAC-MAN comes to The Sandbox Evolution in an official DLC! Create your own PAC-MAN mazes and share your amazing levels to the Online Gallery. You can also combine PAC-MAN elements with all other The Sandbox elements, the only limit is your imagination!
Over 16 elements available, including favorites from PAC-MAN and new original ones to discover!
Not just one but TWO NEW campaigns!
Direct your human clones using special Powders that can give them amazing abilities and guide them safely to Victory or to their demise!
- Clones, Digger Powder, Alpinist Powder, Traffic Agent Powder, Miner Powder, Parachutist Powder, Builder Powder, Demolitionist Powder, Normalizer Powder, Cloning Machine, Exit Hatch, Teleporter, U.F.O, etc

The Sandbox Evolution 1.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Karma, Mana, Free Promo Packs)

Install apk and play.
Note: If you get UPDATE error then press back again and again, you will get your game working.

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