Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt MOD APK 8.0 (Unlimited Money)

Sail your pirate ship into the most dangerous parts of the world in the unlimited gold hack of The Pirate Caribbean Hunt. Prepare for relentless naval combat and amass loot and treasures. Upgrade your ships with the most advanced weapons of the piracy era, explore the seas, strenghten your fleet, win battles, and become the Crimson King of the Antilles!

For the full list of features and other information visit Home Net Games' Google Play page.
Our modded Pirate Caribbean Hunt Unlimited money apk will surely give you the tools to defeat even the most powerful pirate ships and rule the seas.

What's New in version 8.0
- "The Jewel of the Caribbean" - new side singleplayer campaign
- separate volume control for seagulls
- new premium ship HMS Sovereign of the Seas
- ship deck shadows added
- list of all ships in the world map
- rebalancing of tier 5 ships
- fixed rebalancing of tier 2 ships
- fixed ammo loading speed during sailing
- repair kit now also repairs cannons
- increased occurrence of steam corvettes
- new rewards for watching video ads
- new rewards from the offer wall
- significantly increased rewards for conquering towns and finding hidden ports

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt v8.0 MOD APK

New Mods: Unlimited Money/Gold, Skill Points, Ads Disabled, Premium, High exp ( Level up easily).

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