Friday, May 27, 2016

Templar Battleforce APK 2.4.15

This RPG is a unique mix of strategic combat and army building. Create your Battleforce and lead it to victory using your strategy and witts. This is such a great game from Cory Trese and you should definitely purchase it!

Some features of Templar Battleforce for Android:
- Command your Templars in turn-based tactical warfare across 45+ unique scenarios
- Face diverse challenges in every deployment: corridor-to-corridor, open desert warfare, territory control (capturing tactical points), defensive last stands, scorched-earth retreats, infiltration deep behind enemy lines, and complex puzzles
- Lead your squad in battle against immense and mighty bosses
- Immerse yourself in a branching sci-fi storyline
- Deploy specialist Templars and discover unique fireteam combinations with stealth, grenades, defensive overwatch, scorching flamethrowers, hindering attacks, and sentry turrets

Download Templar Battleforce APK for Android from links below
The app requires Android 2.3 and up
More info on Google Play

What's New in version 2.4.15: (September 18, 2016)
v2.4.15 - 9/17/2016
- Added new weapon combo for Paladin -- 2-handed Shock Hammer
- Added 6 new Requisition levels for Paladin
- Added 3 new Talents for Paladin: Staggering Blows, Righteous Embrace, War Machine
- New Stacking Buff rules with Righteous Embrace - kill more for additional powerful Buffs!
- Added 3 new Hammer Weapons, 1 Relic Command Armor, 1 Relic Shock Hammer
- Balanced Battlefield Enchancers

Templar Battleforce 2.4.15 APK

Please support the devs and buy the game on Google Play.

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