Friday, June 24, 2016

Taichi Panda Heroes MOD APK 2.1 (Unlimited)

Collect heroes and form a team of the most powerful warriors in Taichi Panda Heroes hack apk, sequel to Snail Games original MMORPG called Taichi Panda. Explore a huge open world and lead your team into epic RPG battles.

You can level up any of the 19 characters' gear and unique abilities. You can also choose to play in single player dungeons or in team-based ones. PvP styles vary from arena battles to battleground style, and much more. Get back to the Taichi World and engage in dangerous quests involving superpowered panda warriors! Start the adventure, develop your team and progress through an epic stoyline to ultimately save your kingdom.

The modded Taichi Panda Heroes apk v2.1 gives players the tools they need to be victorious. Play with unlimited mana and use skill whenever you want (no cd) to defeat your enemies. We've also included the original non-mod apk for those who don't like taking shortcuts and cheating. Either way, have fun!

Now the story in Taichi Panda 2 takes place in a time frame and a fantasy kingdom before that of the original game. You embark on a similar adventure in which you hack and slash your way through bandits, outlaws, mystics, and mythical beasts. This sequel features some pretty powerful heroes to collect and join you on your journey. You can also get the help of other players and allies online in truly immense MMORPG gameplay.

What's new in version 2.1 (Latest update November 17, 2016)
1. New Timed Hero -- Esadora
2. New Mounts -- Sapphirus, Polar Steed, Hermitus and Mecha Fowlie
3. New Mount Estate System
4. New Limited Time Thanksgiving Titles and UI
5. New Seabed Trove Battlefield to Blood War
6. New Wild Arena and Daily Quests
7. New Chapter and Plot Quest
8. New Attack Attributes -- Siphon Resist, Deflect Resist

Taichi Panda Heroes 2.1 MOD APK

Install v2.1 APK file, Download data files ingame and play the game online.
Modified list: Unlimited Mana, No Skill Cooldown, God Mode, high damage, Removed No Enemy Attacks and Dumb Enemies cheat

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