Saturday, April 2, 2016

Brave Frontier RPG 1.3.5 MOD APK

The most epic turn-based JRPG in the world just got an update. Brave Frontier RPG hack version 1.3.5 features much new content such as challenging quests and new powerful bosses to fight.

Build your team of the toughest warriors and lead them to battle. You are a summoner and you must fight your way through 500 epic missions to save the kigdom of Grand Gaia from the demon hordes. Collect over 350 heroes and use them to help you bring down the evil dark lords.
Grab the Brave Frontier RPG modded apk to give yourself unlimited powers and make your journey much easier now!
Details: com.gumieurope.bravefrontier

What's New in version 1.3.5
Get ready for new exciting challenges!
- NEW Daily Gifts Levels: get more awesome rewards every day as you level up
- New Quest map, Wulgee, with over 25 story-driven missions
- Fight in epic battles: 2 new story-driven Grand Gaia Chronicles and 1 high-level Trial challenge
- 5 new high-level Spheres as rewards
- Several Game Interface redesigns, navigation improvements, and more!
- Continue your journey: 2 new Quest maps with over 50 story-driven missions
- Fight in epic battles: 2 new story-driven Grand Gaia Chronicles dungeons
- Defeat new Bosses: 3 high-level Trial challenges
- Earn mighty new rewards: 1 unique Hero and 7 new high-level Spheres
- New upgrades, Hero Evolutions, interface improvements and more!

First Mod:
- 20K Zel Reward
- 20K Karma Reward
- 99 Honor Points Reward
- 999 Inventory Space
- No Energy Cost [Quest/Vortex]
- Instant BraveBurst
- Max Deck Cost [255]
Brave Frontier RPG 1.3.5 MOD V1

Second Mod:
- Same as above plus,
- 5 Mob Health
- 5 Mob Attack
- 5 Mob Defense
Brave Frontier RPG 1.3.5 MOD V2

Just install Apk and play.
Tnx to ZahirSher, Mod works on Root/No Root devices.
Older versions

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