Monday, March 14, 2016

Pandora Patcher 7.1 APK (Unlimited Skips)

Pandora Patcher allows unlimited skips (no limit restrictions), skips listening timeouts, and bypasses USA/Australia-only country restriction in the Pandora application.
Requirements: Root, Android 4.0.3 and up, Xposed framework 2.6.1+

This patcher also features other additions such as AVRCP for unsupported devices, downloading of current playing songs, downloading of high quality mp3s (128kbps), and it supports Google Play and Amazon editions of Pandora (Amazon Fire TV and Google TV Pandora untested).

What's New in v7.1 Beta 2
- Updated for Pandora 7.1
- Fixed widget theming, now themes expanded widget too
- Pandora for Business splash screen, cosmetic only
- New directory picker, should allow selecting external SD cards - Updated region bypass
- Fixed download dialog crash. Follows patched APK for download dialog creation.
- Download Dialog will not spawn when Pandora app is in the background. Plays very nicely with thumbs rich notification

Pandora Patcher 7.1 APK (Beta 2) OR (Beta 4) if B2 doesn't work anymore

Install, open Pandora Patcher and set all your desired settings, enable in Xposed Installer and reboot!
Note: Recommended to delete Pandora Patcher app data and cache if updating from versions earlier than 3.7.0!
See Comments For More Help!
Thanks to Hunter X!


To update region bypass to the new working one, disable the bypass to remove old hosts entries and enable it to add new entries. For transparent widget, set color to black and move the alpha slider all the way to the right.


  1. Excellent!! Work perfectly! Thanks to the dev of this module !

  2. no way to get this working without root huh? would be great if i didn't have to VPN when im in other countries to use this!

  3. Does this work with Pandora 7.2?

    1. probably not..waiting on an update from gamer765!

      do not update ur installed app 7.0/7.1 until we release our mod!

  4. if the bypass region feature doesn't work anymore.
    Disable the feature and use Orbot/Tor to get an IP from the us which will work fine.

    working on a fix!

  5. Storage permission needs to be enabled for patcher and Pandora for music downloading to work

  6. Here's how to solve the download problems.

    The most likely culprit is Greenify hibernating the native download manager or document UI. This usually causes the music download to hang. If manually opening the download manager fixes it, just un-hibernate those apps and it'll be fine.

    The second reason is due to Marshmallow's stricter policies for writing to external SD cards (if that is where you're saving the songs). To fix this, you need to flash the ExtSD Fix from XDA forums . . .

  7. Hey guys wanted to share something, granting the main app (Pandora) storage permissions, lets you download songs successfully, I did this since I have a custom rom running cos13, I don't know whether it was turning off and on storage permission for the patcher or granting Pandora permissions but it's working perfectly on beta 4, :) :)

  8. Hey! For put patches I need to pay? Its said for active the module need to pay by pay pal or bit coin.

    1. grab latest pandora patched v7.2.1 version:

  9. If the bypass region feature is not working anymore.
    Disable the feature and use Orbot/Tor to get an IP from the us.

    OR better yet:

    Use program AdAway:

    and enter custom redirection for

    Apply modifications to hosts file and reboot.
    Tested on Pandora 6.6 and patcher 6.6 Beta1

    1. or you can also use:
      Free smart dns with pandora

      working perfectly!!

  10. How can I get Pandora skips on iOS ipad

    1. download Pandora Essentials from Cydia’s BigBoss repo on your jailbroken device!

    2. Find release ipa of iJulioVerne from Twitter

  11. will it work with Pandora v7.4?

    1. probably not, use the patched apk present on our site!
      search: pandora 7.4 unlimited