Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fallout Shelter 1.13.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Caps, LunchBoxes, Energy)

Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Game Studios is a building simulation in which you control a post-apocalyptic vault, and try to keep its residents prosperous and happy.

This latest Fallout Shelter 1.13.8 hack update features unlimited caps, lunchboxes, water, energy and more unlocked content for a completely unrestricted gameplay experience!

As it's a simulation, you have to build an underground vault and find resources to survive. You start by making rooms for people to live in, then assign a role to each room and resident. Players also have to collect resources like power, food, and water to survive underground.

Although resources are unlimited in Fallout Shelter Mod Apk, you need to use what you have wisely and construct your fallout vault accordingly, it's a strategy afterall. You will also need to be prepared for other emergencies like fires breaking out or radioactive creatures invading your shelter. It's such an addictive simulation, and if you've played other Fallout games you should definitely try this one!

What's New in version 1.13.8
Version v1.13.8
Vault-Tec approved St. Patrick’s Day preparations. (Celebration begins 3/15).
-Feeling Lucky? Your dwellers will, with faster Luck training.
-Everyone loves a surprise – so surprise quests will appear more frequently.
Vault-Tec certified optimizations and date adjustments.

Check out all the additions and new content in this latest update - Video:

Fallout Shelter MOD APK 1.13.8

(Unlimited Caps, Food, Water, Energy, Lunch Boxes, Level up, Everything Increases)

NOTE: mods change with each new update, we try our best to keep you from getting banned!

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