Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SuperRetro16 (SNES) APK 1.7.0 (Premium, full)

Retro gaming is all the rage these days and what better way to enjoy other than SuperRetro16 (SNES). You can play all the classic games from the old days in super high quality and fastest emulation speed.

When it comes to game compatibility, Super Retro 16 beats the competition all the way. Just get roms from online sources or backup copies you may have, put them on your sd card, launch the app and let the fun begins! Super Retro can read smc, sfc, snes, and fig file formats (even if compressed into 7z or zip).

You can download SuperRetro16 (SNES) full version APK from the link given on our site right onto your Android phone or tablet (see the end of this post)!

SNES stands for Super Nintendo thus this emulator can only read and run SNES games. If you're looking for something else this is not the place!

Other app features:
- Thousands of popular SNES cheat codes!
- Cloud syncing support
- External controllers and mouse support (not all games)
- In-game walkthrough/guide integration
- Turbo mode
- Network multiplayer using WiFi or Bluetooth

What's New in version 1.7.0
- New game Short Cuts for 7.1+ devices.
- More material design theming, UI animations and new round icon.
- Activated Google Game achievements.
- Account picker for login control.
- New permission request access control.
- UI fixes for Android TV.
- Updated Support and Google Game libraries.
- New updated navigation framework. ActionBarSherlock removed. Scrolling tabs.
- Fixed game controls disappearing with orientation change on newer phones.
- Upgraded Google Game Services libraries.
- Upgraded to recent NDK 12b and ensured binary platform compatibility.
- Changed Layout Editor screen to use popup menu instead of Action Bar.
- Fixed crash occurring on certain phones when searching for games.

SuperRetro16 (SNES) 1.7.0

APK release notes: Paid content is unlocked (premium) and No forced updates.
If you have the money, Buy it on Google Play id: com.bubblezapgames.supergnes

Older version:
SuperRetro16 (SNES) 1.6.12

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