Saturday, February 13, 2016

Real Steel World Robot Boxing MOD APK 23.23.576 (Unlimited Money)

Get ready to fight giant robots in the arena to become the best in this action-packed real steel fighting game. The updates are frequent and more bots and content are added with each new version to keep you engaged at all times.

You can download Real Steel World Robot Boxing modded apk from the zippyshare link below and take advantage of the cash hack we implemented (money increases instead of decreasing)

What's New in version 23.23.576
Mega Events to Unleash the SUPERBOT
Fight in LIMITED TIME EVENTS and earn grand rewards to unlock Scorpion, the mighty SuperBot.
Get the stronger, faster & deadlier SCORPION – The Sting Tail to devastate opponents in PvP.
Pack more punches!
Go on a rampage with new Robots. Get JUGGERNAUT – The unstoppable force and send a chill up opponents spine with FRAUST – The Arctic Storm

Real Steel World Robot Boxing 23.23.576 MOD APK + DATA

Unlimited Money in this one means it keeps going up not down.
Install the apk, move data folder into /Android/data/ or download it directly from the game and play.

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