Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Anime Studio Story APK 2.0.9

Kairosoft is king when it comes to mobile sims and this time around they bring us their newest game that allows you to create your very own anime studio.

First, let me get this out of the way! you can free download the latest update version 2.0.9 for Anime Studio Story full version apk which was officially released on November 10th 2016 from the direct link on this page!

Now, following the same gameplay as Game Dev Story, Anime Studio Story lets the player manage a studio in charge of creating anime series. You decide genre, cast, themes, and hopefully create all kinds of hits.. You need to create a star for your anime show and then it is all about getting the audience to like it.

As in real life situations, you will need a well-equipped studio if you want to succeed. This means hiring staff, upgrading gear, installing new sets, and adding other departments to your studio in order to handle multiple tasks to finally make a hit anime, hopefully that is. Department examples include a library, motion capture room, theaters and so on.

Anime Studio Story 2.0.9 APK OR MOD Money

Install the full apk to your Android and run the game (the latest modded version may not work, but we're trying hard to fix it!!).
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