Friday, December 11, 2015

TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic APK 1.14.1 Build 1818 (Full, Patched)

The premiere navigation app TomTom GO just got better. Let the app choose the best way to get you to your destination in the best possible time. When on the road you only need TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic, the best on the Android market (Apk available for download)!

By installing TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic (full version) you benefit:
- Always know the fastest route: TomTom Traffic gets you there faster
- Get real-time traffic information: See exactly where delays start and end and how to avoid them
- Quick access to your favorites: Immediately start driving to your favorite places
- See buildings and landmarks in stunning 3D: Know exactly where you are so you never miss a turn
- Get alerts for safety cameras: Avoid speeding fines with accurate and timely speed warnings
- Navigation you can rely on: No need for an internet connection to plan your route

Scroll down to download the hacked/fully activated application package version of TomTom GO Navigation GPS Traffic for your Android!

What's New in version 1.14.1 Build 1818 (December 22, 2016)
Performance improvements and bug fixes
Destination prediction: Turn on this feature and the app will start learning your driving habits and predict when you're likely to drive to frequent destinations saved in My Places. It remembers the time of day when you make regular trips, so the more you drive with it, the more accurate its predictions will become. A commute will be ready right away with the latest traffic information.
MyDrive Sync: sync with TomTom MyDrive to safely back up and restore your favorite places and import community POIs
The app requires Android 4.0.3+

TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic 1.14.1 APK
(DATA Not necessary anymore!)

If you're installing Tom Tom Go v1.14.x for the first time in your Android phone follow this procedure:
1) Install the app from Google Play Store.
2) Run it (until u get Map choice - optional), then close.
3) Uninstall from Application Manager.
4) Install Tomtom_Go_Navigation&Traffic Patched (our release)
5) Restart phone
If you have previous version Tom Tom Go v1.12.x from our site, you can install this new version over previous one without uninstalling.

- If app force closes (FC), "clear Data" and it will work!
- Wi-Fi connection problem with maps is from tomtom servers, just try again many times and it will work.
- You can use Osmand+ (on our site) to avoid having to redownload maps with each new update.

Older apk versions:
TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic 1.12 APK
TomTom GO 1.11
TomTom GO GPS Navigation Traffic 1.8.1 APK

If you get a "can't connect to Tomtom. Check your internet connection" error:
You have to install the original version from Play Store, uninstall and then install our apk (license until 2050).