Monday, December 21, 2015

Podcast Addict Donate APK 3.45.1 build 1344

Podcast Addict Donate is the full paid version (latest) of the free app with no ads.

Manage your audio and video Podcasts, Audio books, Live stream radio, and much more right on your Android device with the best Podcast management app on the Play Store. Subscribe and import your favorite podcasts and subscriptions on the go. The app's features are plenty and you should check them out on Google Play.

Scroll down to free download the full version of Podcast & Radio Addict Donate APK without the ads and manage your podcasts like a pro!

What's new in version 3.45.1 build 1344: (Updated September 2, 2017)
- [Improved] Android O technical update
- [Fix] SSLHandshakeException error on Android 7.0 devices
- [Fix] Small bug fixes
- [New] Setting allowing to use previous/next episodes buttons to skip to the previous/next chapter or bookmark (Settings/Player/Controls)
- [New] Bookmarks can be exported as a text file
- [New] Ukrainian translation thanks to Mykola Ronik (
- [Improved] German translation thanks to Max Rink (
- [Improved] RSS feed support to handle some feeds containing errors
- [Fix] Download error 'Unexpected char...'
Google Play ID: com.bambuna.podcastaddictdonate
If you like the app, show the devs your appreciation by buying it!
Please visit Google Play to purchase the original full version!

Download: 8MB
Podcast Addict Donate 3.45.1 APK

Older versions:
Podcast Addict Donate 3.38
Podcast Addict Donate 3.32.2
Podcast Addict Donate 3.26

Install the APK but please buy it if you can.


  1. This update (feb 28, 2016 is not donate version.

  2. March 13, 2016 update - great!! thank you!!

  3. is there a way to get a notification when you post the latest update of podcast addict?
    The way i find out you posted a new update is by coming to this page and compare the version number and build number. (for podcast addict)

    1. sorry i dont have rss for specific posts!
      anyways if ur version is working fine, no need to update, thats just my opinion!

  4. Replies
    1. lol you're a sucker for this app aren't you :-)

  5. I love it too much. I use it every day. Can't live without it.

    1. well i cant keep track of all updated apps, so you can let me know when an update is out and i'll make sure to get it on here

  6. Hey! when is the next podcast addict donate coming?
    Thr lastest version is 3.26

  7. Hey! How are you? Podcast addict, as of today, is at v. 3.26 build 913.


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