Monday, November 23, 2015

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia MOD APK 1.4.5 - Android Money, Skill hack


The awesome RPG adventure Inotia 3 for Android (with cheats) just landed on the Play Store and it's epic.

Developed by Com2uS, Inotia 3 Children of Carnia (Modded) is the most anticipated sequel of the Inotia series. The storyline is pretty much predictable for JRPGs. Your character comes of age, accepts some small quests, and quickly stumbles in to the role of being solely responsible for saving the world.

You can download The Unlimited Money and Skill Points hacked version 1.4.5 of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia Apk Mod (not offline) onto your Android and live the adventure of a lifetime!

Hacks in Inotia 3:
With these cheats you'll be powerful enough to win the Inotia3 challenge!!
- Infinite Money Hack [Spend to Increase]
- Massive Damage
- Massive Magic Defense
- Massive Defense
- Free Items
- Equip Level set to '1'
- No Skill Cooldown

What's new in version 1.4.5:
The classic action RPG, Inotia 3!
We've fixed up some minor bugs!
The game Inotia3 requires Android 2.2+

Download: 22MB
Inotia 3: Children of Carnia 1.4.5 MOD APK

Reupped on Zippyshare - Works on No-Root and Rooted devices.

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